Game class instructions are currently being produced.  This website is having a very soft opening today, because of the podcast I did with Zivi Kivi on Balloon Artist Podcast available here:

Much more will be coming soon!  Check back at the end of July…. set your reminder on your phone now!  😉


We’re currently accepting applications for membership.  Send us your email and we’ll let you know when we post our first gaming classes as well as when membership is available and what it will entail.


Ok, if you are an american balloon professional, then you already know the two main providers in the USA.   For games, the balloons often don’t need to be as high quality… which means they can cost less.  This aspect of the TheBalloonGames site is still in it’s infancy, but email me if you’d like more information about what is soon to come!

If you’re not a balloon professional currently… DEFINITELY email me.  You’re going to be blown away by the prices!

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